Operating System odyssey


@ https://github.com/FreeRTOS/FreeRTOS

Popular real time operating system for embedded devices.


@ https://genode.org/about/index

Framework for building highly secure special-purpose operating systems.

L4Re operating system framework

@ https://l4re.org/overview.html

The L4Re Operating System Framework provides the building blocks for creating systems with real-time, security, safety and virtualization requirements.

UNIX odyssey

@ https://www.hypertext.download/unix-odyssey.html

Collection of resources, learning about UNIX.

OSdev wiki

@ https://wiki.osdev.org/Main_Page

Information about the creation of operating systems and community for people interested in OS dev.

MINIX from scratch

@ https://github.com/o-oconnell/minixfromscratch

Tutorial information for building MINIX, said to be a good learning OS for people interested in UNIX.


@ https://minix3.org/

Official website for MINIX 3, which is the latest version.